Tesla Lighter


This is another cool product we found after we started using the TACT Bivvy. It’s lightweight, doesn’t need fuel and it looks cool too! The more you buy, the better deal they give you PLUS free shipping and some other bonuses. Definitely worth a look!

Wondering why the new Tesla Lighter is called the “Twin Engine” survival lighter?

The answer is both simple and amazing.

The secret ingredient behind this amazing lighter’s incredible fire starting ability?

It uses tiny amounts of electricity to produce 2 blazing hot plasma arcs to start fire on demand!

It’s this advanced technology that makes it so you can use the Tesla Lighter in any circumstance imaginable!

Because it’s powered by electricity the lighter is so easy to use it’s almost hard to believe.

Just flip the top and press the big, fat button on the side and the twin plasma arcs fire immediately. From there touch them to whatever you want lit and you’ll have a blazing hot inferno in no time.

Seriously, it’s that simple.

Plus charging it is super easy too… just plug in the included USB charging power cord into any source of power and you’ll have plenty of juice for hundreds of fires.

You can use almost any source of power, seriously! Doesn’t matter if it’s plugged into a wall outlet at home or a tiny portable solar charger, your lighter will charge in a flash. No annoying fuel canisters to mess with, no messy wicks to change, just plug it in and go!

Not to mention because the lighter only uses a small amount of electricity to get a fire going it’s incredibly safe too. Never worry about it exploding if dropped or accidentally lighting when closed (the lighter can’t light when closed) either.

Think that’s pretty cool?

We do too. Check out the rest of their info by hitting the LEARN MORE button

Six month no questions asked money back guarantee.

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