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a blog post image showing woodworking plans
We are having fun in July! Our woodworking projects are firing up and we want to share some cool info about finding the right woodworking plans for your projects. The plans are really the lynchpin so ...
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blog post image with blog title and a photo of a power saw
We admit it! We are nerding out over on woodworking and power tools! Things are getting a little nuts and we did some research on just where these power tools came from - we know...we know! ...
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blog post image with blog title and image of a workbench with a saw and sawdust
Hello Again Life Hack Seekers! We're working on organizing and creating a good work space in our garage so we wanted to share some tips we found about building a solid workbench. My dad always had ...
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blog post image with a really cool modern looking house in the background
Hey gang - many of you may already know about these life hacks but we found some very cool ideas in here and we added some of our own product favorites! Hope you enjoy! There is ...
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tin coffee mug with Happy Camper written on it
Hey Life Hackers! This is definitely one of the reasons we love bringing these cool offers & ideas to you. This thing is WAY cool. We know there is a ton of you out there that ...
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