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How To Generate Your Own FREE Electricity

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Hey Life Hackers!

This is definitely one of the reasons we love bringing these cool offers & ideas to you. This thing is WAY cool. We know there is a ton of you out there that would love to get your hands on some simple instruction to build your own power source - not just for camping (although that's what we like most about this) but also for power outages. Hurricane season is always a big threat for folks as your power can be out for days after a big storm. So check this out.

Do you NEED a portable GENERATOR to produce YOUR OWN supply of alternative AND reliable electricity? You can build this for LESS than $244 over one weekend and our friend Dave is going to show you the exact steps.

And here's HOW:

Head over to this page and check out the video.

Here's What's You'll Learn:

(These videos are just like you were watching over Dave's shoulder while he's building the system.)

  • You will have a back-up power source no matter what – blackouts, EMP, cyber-attack, hurricanes, heat strikes and other unpredicted events.
  • You can run your entire home when the grid goes down, power up tools, run heating or cooling when there's no power, save your food from spoiling, so you and your family are safe and comfortable in any situation.
  • You will have a portable power solution when you go camping or on trips.
  • You'll be able to simplify your life and stop worrying about being tied to Electric Companies.
  • You can supplement your energy needs, slash your bills and stop worrying about the rising prices.
  • You'll have a viable solution to go totally off-grid and live a comfortable life.
  • You can keep your cabin or barn powered up or run your water well.
  • You'll get a better power solution based on your needs and budget. I'll show you exactly how easy it is to build a generator without expensive panels or fancy
  • You'll be able to provide for your family, run all your electrical devices and make sure the grid doesn't burn them out.
  • You will get some extra help building your own powerful generator. Simple... easy... quick... efficient... no matter the situation.

Given the incredible benefits of having your own generator that doesn't run out of fuel, plus Dave's detailed instructions and all the incredible feedback he receives, we think that this system will go beyond the survival community. So get yours now, as we don't know how long Dave will keep this offer going... We will of course take this down if/when it is no longer available.

There's a lot more information over on Dave's page here

Check it today! It's really awesome!


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